Youth Empowered Yoga & Mindfulness



An individual, group or family-based yoga and mindfulness program developed to increase and strengthen healthy coping skills when confronted with stressors, such as academic and peer-pressure, family discourse, or low self-esteem, that contribute to disconnectedness, substance experimentation, and use.

In this program, the Child Approved Yoga Teacher will collaborate with each group of yoga participants to:

  • Provide avenues for self-expression, strengthen healthy coping mechanisms, and build resilience and self-confidence.
  • Build strength, focus, and flexibility toward life’s stressors; identifying and working through triggers and impulses that impede success in school, with friends, family, and society.
  • Increase each member’s sense of community and belongingness within the peer yoga group &/or family system through in and out of class activities.
  • Increase participant’s understanding of healthy brain development through experiential learning.

Contact Meg Keigley, Youth Education Specialist with the Youth Empowered Yoga program for more information: