TEAM Empowered Parenting

The TEAM Empowered Parenting program is a parent and family skills-building program intended to:

  • Improve parenting skills including building a positive relationship with their youth, setting appropriate limits, and following through on consequences, while showing love and support for their children.
  • Delay the onset of adolescent substance use by promoting protective factors within families such as adult bonding.
  • Increase social-emotional skills to promote healthy relationships.
  • Reduce youth conduct problems in school.

The TEAM Empowered Parenting program utilizes the BrainWise curriculum to create a common language for both parents and their children to use and practice in regards to social emotional learning and resiliency. Further, the program builds in mindfulness techniques, to provide tools for parents to cope with the stresses of life and teach such skills to their children.

Email Kristin Baca, Parent Education Specialist for more information: