Responsible Association of Retailers


Who We Are

Responsible Alcohol Retailers (RAR) is a group of businesses who adhere to a Code of Ethics around the safe sale and service of alcohol. Members are liquor stores, bars, restaurants, and other businesses that provide a service to alcohol retailers that support their efforts. The group first convened in the fall of 2004.

RAR members are united in their commitment to the following goals:

  • Preventing access to alcohol by minors
  • Avoiding business practices that promote high-risk drinking
  • Providing options for patrons to get home safely
  • Collaborating with community entities to solve challenges faced by alcohol retailers
  • Providing server responsibility training opportunities for staff
  • Cultivating a relationship built on trust with Fort Collins and Loveland Police Departments
  • Informing the community about our commitment to reduce underage drinking


There are two chapters of RAR, one in Fort Collins and one in Loveland. While united in a commitment to the safe sale and service of alcohol, each chapter is designed to address the challenges that are unique to their respective communities. The businesses in each city are also governed by different law enforcement agencies. Membership in the respective chapters helps businesses cultivate relationships with their local agency.

If you are interested in joining this worthwhile effort, please contact Nathan Dewey “Dewey” at .

Code of Ethics

The first RAR members convened in response to a recommendation by the Colorado State University Presidential Task Force on Underage Drinking (2004) to draft a Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics represented a public commitment to prevent underage access to alcohol and high risk drinking behavior. The RAR Code of Ethics continues to serve as the group’s guiding principles today.

  1. We diligently check IDs to ensure that we do not sell alcoholic beverages to any person under the legal drinking age (21). Our employees are trained in how to validate the authenticity of IDs.
  2. We encourage designated drivers as well as the use of public transportation and community ride programs for customers who may be at risk of exceeding the legal limits.
  3. We train our employees on how to identify individuals who are inebriated, and we will not sell or serve alcohol to those individuals.
  4. We instruct our employees to contact emergency responders if they suspect individuals are exhibiting signs of alcohol poisoning.
  5. We follow the rules and regulations of the Colorado Department of Revenue-Liquor Enforcement Division, as well as out local liquor licensing authority .
  6. We support state and local law enforcement personnel and practices.
  7. We conduct business in a responsible manner and will not tolerate activities that are offensive to the general senses of the average citizen or to the residents of the surrounding neighborhood.
  8. We advocate the responsible consumption of alcohol in our promotions and drinks specials.
  9. We promote alcohol awareness and education within our establishments.
  10. We are community members, neighbors, taxpayers, parents, and contributors to local charities, and we are proud to conduct business in our community.