Consulting And Presentations


Recreational and medical marijuana legalization is becoming a reality throughout the United States. This divisive issue has impacted many communities with proponents and opponents exchanging harsh words and sentiments. True and impartial data related to the impact of legalization is difficult to decipher from the volumes of propaganda that is swirling around in our digital age. TEAM has been at the epicenter of this controversy from the beginning. TEAM’s  early battle over marijuana was even chronicled in the National Geographic seriesAmerican Weed. As we now say, “That ship has sailed” and the battle over legalization and dispensaries is over. Now we must turn our attention to working in a prevention world where recreational marijuana is legal for adults and readily accessible to the consumer. At TEAM, we have elected to work with the cannabis industry to promote responsible use, limit youth access and to advocate with the industry to implement policy that protects community youth and the quality of life for all citizens. In doing this, TEAM has worked with the State of Colorado on the Good to Know and Protect What’s Next campaigns. TEAM also implemented the first ever Responsible Association of Retailers (RAR) program that includes a marijuana retailer chapter to go along with our on and off premise alcohol retailer chapters, as highlighted in the Coloradoan newspaper . TEAM was also one of the first non-profits in to develop policies and procedures to accept donations from the cannabis industry. TEAM has even welcomed a representative of the cannabis industry to sit on TEAM’s Board of Directors. TEAM’s Executive Director has been invited to speak about the topic at a number of functions throughout the United States including a recent event for the Willamette Valley Development Officers in Portland, Oregon.  TEAM is available to consult with other prevention organizations, coalitions and nonprofits navigate this delicate issue and also available for speaking engagements.  For more information contact Executive Director, Gordon Coombes at or call us at 970-224-9931.