Campus Community Coalition

MISSION: reduce substance misuse by underage, young adult and high-risk members of our community through fostering a united and sustained commitment to reviewing policies and changing practices and perceptions within our community.

The Campus Community Coalition tri-annual meetings are an opportunity to receive information, share information and network with other concerned individuals and organizations. The Coalition is made up of community leaders and stakeholders, Colorado State University faculty and staff, law enforcement, alcohol retailers, prevention specialists and students. We have been meeting since October 2007, addressing issues that affect underage, young adult and high risk members of our community.

A steering committee helps to plan the content of the meetings. Steering is made up of representatives from Colorado State University, the City of Fort Collins, Poudre School District and Team Fort Collins.


  • Emerging Trends in Marijuana – Cause for Concern and Fort Collins’ Plan to Best Address Various Issues presented by Bob Doyle, Executive Director of Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Alliance; Ginny Sawyer, Policy Manager, City of Fort Collins; Captain Jerry Schiager, Fort Collins Police Services; Officer Shane Hasbroock, Fort Collins Police Services [October 23, 2013]
  • Trends and Momentum: What are kids up to? What are we doing to support their health and wellness, especially in the area of substance abuse? presented by Dr. Adrienne LeBailly, Larimer County Health Department; Melanie Voegeli-Morris, Student Assistance Services Poudre School District; Officer Matt Johhnson, School Resource Officer Poudre School District; Jenni Sifuentes, Mental Health Team Poudre School District; Dr. Nate Riggs, Human Development and Family Studies Colorado State University [May 15, 2013]
  • Recreational and Medical Marijuana Update: State, City, CSU presented by Ginny Sawyer, City of Fort Collins’ Neighborhood Services; Larry Abrahamson, Former District Attorney; and Andrea Coryell, CSU Health Network [February 27, 2013]
  • Messaging for Health: Current Social Marketing Campaigns on Campus and in the City presented by Andrea Coryell, CSU Health Network and Angie Rhodes, City of Fort Collins Wellness Program Specialist [October 10, 2012]
  • Protecting Our Youth: Is a Social Host Ordinance Right of Us? presented by Dawn Nannini, PhD, Evaluation Specialist, Team Fort Collins; Shawn Arledge, Regional Prevention Specialist, OMNI Institute [January 25, 2012]
  • Alcohol Abuse Prevention – What We Are Doing Right From Both A Community and Campus Perspective, presented by Jody Donovan, CSU Dean of Students; Kerry Wenzler, Director of CSU Orientation and Transition Programs; Adrienne Battis, Community Liaison/Off-Campus Life Asst Director, City of Fort Collins/CSU; Officer Andy Leslie, Fort Collins Police Services [September 28, 2011]
  • An Update on Medical Marijuana Businesses in Fort Collins, presented by Officer Allen Heaton, Fort Collins Police Services; Ginny Sawyer, City of Fort Collins’ Neighborhood Services; Sheriff Justin Smith and Sergeant Joe Shellhammer with the Crime Impact Unit, Larimer County; and Sergearnt Jim Gerhardt, Colorado Drug Investigators Association [April 27, 2011]
  • Current Trends of Youth Alcohol Use and How CSU and the Community are Responding, presented by Lisa A. Miller, PhD Director of CSU’s Assessment and Specialty Counseling Services; Christina Berg, Director of CSU’s Health, Education and Prevention Services and Jerri Howe, Executive Director of the Matthews House [February 2, 2011]
  • When Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues Coincide: Dual Diagnosis in Fort Collins, presented by David Jones, MSW, CAC II, Program Supervisor, Substance Abuse Team and Team Leader, CDDT Program, Larimer Center for Mental Health; Samantha Murphy, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Partnership, Health District of Northern Larimer County; James Weber, Assistant Director, University Counseling Center, CSU Health Network [October 20, 2010]
  • Downtown After Dark, presented by Officers Andy Leslie and Jeremy Yonce, Fort Collins Police Services [May 12, 2010]
  • The Truth About Medical Marijuana and it’s Abuses (This presentation was a look at the recent explosion in the medical marijuana industry and the challenges it presents for our community) presented by Northern Colorado Drug Task Force Commander, Jerome Schiager [January 13, 2010]
  • The Role of Alcohol in Sexual Assault: What Do You Need to Know? presented by Chris Linder, Director of Women’s Programs & Studies and Kathryn Woods, Asst Dir of Women’s Programs & Studies [September 9, 2009]
  • Fort Collins Police Department’s Proactive Approach to Prevent Sexual Assault in Our Community, presented by Officer Kyle Bendzsa [September 9, 2009]
  • Responsible Alcohol Retailers: The Retailer’s Role in Prevention, presented by Dawn Nannini, PhD, Research Specialist, Team Fort Collins [April 9, 2009]
  • Drinking Behaviors of CSU Freshmen: What We Know and Next Steps, presented by Dr. Jeni Cross, Associate Professor, Sociology [April 9, 2009]

If you are interested in being invited to these meetings, contact Adam Musielewicz  at Team Fort Collins,  970.224.9931